Exhibit Asia Trading


Exhibit Asia Trading was established in 2013 with a mission to introduce “Life is Art” concept to Malaysia & South East Asia region.  As our life is an accumulation of seconds, minutes, and hours, we value every moment of daily lives. We hope it can be with more quality and care, not filled with things that are “temporary” or “anything”.  Our product selection is simple, well-thought design that offers great usability & functionality.

Japan lifestyle specialist


Exhibit Asia Trading is specialized and well-conversed a lifestyle in Japan with up-to-date information, trend & quality product. We continuously invest in communication and learning from those who lead industry, visit exhibitions to update ourselves with the market changes.

Especially, we have established our standard in the area of filter coffee, such as brewing & tools, as well as the operations of coffee stand & organizing events. We do outsource our expertise.
Also, through the network with our partners in Japan, we can access to wide selection of specialty coffee roasters, knowledge and brewing tools.

We also conduct many workshops with international guest speakers, involving in arrangements and hosting them here in Malaysia.

Our Promise

  • To promote and contribute to a better life quality standard
  • To introduce great ideas and high-quality products to people
  • To equip people with good knowledge, value, and skills
  • To create a new value, and motivate society to have a better quality life, care each other
  • To bridge Japan and Malaysia / South East Asia

Our Value

Listen and understand – we listen to your need, see & understand the market, analyze the situation so that we can provide best solutions

Sharing – we share information on products and services so that you can choose right services and products properly for your need. We are confident in our selections.

Caring – we value human relationships

Improvement – we continue to improve ourselves to provide up-to-date products and services.

Diversity – we appreciate the differences and varieties

Work with us

We are always on the look for new team members who are excited to our products, share our passion, loves Japan and dedication to great service and hospitality.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email with your resume attached to hello@exhibit-at.com