C245 gold filter

Designed to brew specialty coffee

Cores Gold Filter is designed for making aromatic coffee with good flavor. If you have really good quality coffee beans, you can enjoy the full flavor of the coffee bean by brewing with Cores.

For Cores Gold Filter, mesh dimension is even and not easy to be deformed because the material is metal, and no chemical change occurs as a result. From the above reasons, it is little affected to the taste and flavors of coffee. And more, thanks to its unique longitudinal slit, the gold filter can a short brewing time at a very high temperature.

Key features of Cores Gold Filter

1. Material

The gold filter is made with 24k gold plated stainless steel. Gold does not cause a chemical reaction, so the coffee extracted through the filter will not be oxidized.

2. Slot Shape

Its unique longitudinal slot helps water flow out faster without lowering the water temperature much. And all the slits are punched from inside toward outside so water flow is also much smoother. As a result, tasty coffee with good flavor and without miscellaneous taste is prepared. And more, the mesh hole is even so will not be deformed.


What it happens when brewing

Longitudinal Slot of Cores

Thanks to the longitudinal slot, even if a coffee particle is in the slot, the hole is not clogged. As a result, water flows smoothly.

Round mesh filter

If coffee particles become trapped in the round mesh then the hole can become clogged. As a result, water does not flow smoothly.

3. Filter Holder

These filter holders are designed to have minimum contact points with the filter in order to deliver smooth extraction.

*Gold filter itself can be used on any dripper as long as it is fitted.

*The shape of the filter holders may vary slightly, due to the characteristics of the material.

GOLD FILTER can be used in a coffee machine

Cores C245 gold filter can be used in a coffee machine on the market. About how to use, please refer to the instruction manual of the coffee machine. However, please note that there may be some coffee machines in which the gold filter does not fit.

*Not suitable for some coffee makers.


Product Detail

Product : Gold Filter Model: C240 (1-5 cups)
Dimension : W10.5×D9.0×H7.5
Weight : 20g
Material : Gold plated stainless steel, Polypropylene
Max load of coffee bean : 40g
Heat resistance temperature : 130 degree celsius
Accessory : Filter holder
Made in : China