C275 gold cone filter

High temperature and short extraction time

C275 gold coffee filter extracts coffee faster with more coffee oil, which enables to make a perfect cup of specialty coffees to enjoy their unique flavors and tastes.

Thanks to its unique longitudinal slot, C275 gold cone filter can provide a short brewing time at a very high temperature. With that, it’s easy to extract clear and bright acidity.

No more bitterness

In a normal cone shaped filter, fine grounds tends to be collected at the tip while brewing and it could result in over-extraction. When over-extraction happens, it results in bitter & astringent coffee. To prevent over-extraction, the base of C275 Cone Filter is raised flat so the water flows outwards and does not gather in the tip. Thanks to this raised base, we can prevent bitterness or astringency to be added to the coffee extract.


Normal Cone Filter

A filter with small round mesh holes can easily be clogged by coffee particles. So water cannot flow outwards, and flows inside the filter and gathers in the central lower area. Because of this, the coffee tends to be over extracted. The over extracted coffee tastes tend to be harsh and bitter.

C275 Cone Filter

As the lower area is raised with the flat bed, the water can flow outwards and not gather at the central lower area of the filter. That is to say, water can contact with the ground coffee particles uniformly. And more, thanks to the longitudinal slots, the Cores Cone Filter can brew faster without losing water temperature.

MATERIALS:C275GD / Gold plated stainless steel






Multi-Purpose Tray is included

Multi-purpose tray

Worked as drip tray


And also as a lid

Special brewing stand for C275 Cone Filter

Complete Cores brewing experience with C501 Pour Over Stand. C275 Cone Filter fits perfectly with this stand. The Pour Over Stand can be used with other brewers too.