Coffee Press CORE

Convenient yet brews great coffee

If you are the specialty coffee lover, this is one of the must-have coffee brewers to enjoy full flavors of beans.

Coffee Press CORE consists of a glass body & stainless filter, and it does not filter out any coffee oil or flavors while brewing. In result, your coffee will be sweet and rich in flavors, and we can enjoy full flavors of the coffee bean.

Coffee brewing with Coffee Press CORE is simple and easy too. There are no special brewing skills required. Just need to soak coffee beans in the hot water for about 4 minutes to extract great flavor. When you get the right brewing recipe, this method is one of the most consistent ways to reproduce your favorite coffee. Also, there is no attention required while brewing, so you can do something else while waiting for the timer to ring! Efficient!


Try our brewing recipe.

What you need
Coffee Press CORE
16g of coarse grind coffee
hot water

Brewing Steps

  1. Use the measuring spoon which comes with the package to measure 16g of coarse ground coffee, then place in the coffee press.
  2. Boil water
  3. After water boiled, let the bubble settle down and get ready to start brewing.
  4. First, start a timer and pour hot water into the half coffee press. Make sure all the beans are wet, then wait for 30 seconds.
  5. Continue to add the remaining hot water till 320ml line.
  6. Place the plunger on top of the coffee surface gently.
  7. Wait till 4 minutes timer rings, then slowly press the plunger down till the bottom.
  8. Pour out to your favorite cups and enjoy!


Each component even the filters can be separated easily and clean properly with water & dish detergent. To remove filters, just twist and screw out from the plunger. Don’t worry, there are no small parts in this, so nothing will be missed while cleaning.

Just in case you forgot how to store the filter back, always slot a filter with spring the first, followed by stainless steel mesh, then T-shaped supporter at the bottom.


Other Benefit

・ heat-resistant Pylex glass beaker – quality assured
・ measurement printed on beaker – no scale required
・ beaker cover – protect your hands from the heat of hot water
・ measuring spoon (5~10g) included
・ can be used for brewing tea
・ 1-2 cup brewing