C275 Cone Gold Filter

C275 Cone Gold Filter

CORES C275 Cone Filter is a metal filter double plated with 24k gold.
It can be used almost permanently with proper care.

Metal filter is unable to remove the fines into your cup, however, it allows good coffee oil (which contains aroma and flavor) to pass through. In result, your coffee will be rich in flavor  and more aromatic.

C275 cone filter does not hold much hot water in the brewer, therefore, it prevents over-extraction and also creates clear mouthfeel.
it is highly recommended to professionals who wish to brew the best fruity flavor which the characteristics of specialty coffee.

Solution to optimise extraction

In a normal cone shaped filter, water flow tends to be gathered at the base of the filter. In order to prevent over extraction, the base of our cores cone filter is raised so the water flows outwards, and does not gather in the central lower area. Thanks to this raised base, strong bitterness does not come into the coffee liquid.

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The raised bottom allows the hot water to flow through the side of the filter.

Other Cone Shape Filter

The raised bottom allows the hot water to flow through the side of the filter.

Other Key Features


The gold filter is made with the gold plated stainless and gold does not cause a chemical reaction, so coffee come through the filter is not oxidized.


Its unique longitudinal slot helps water flow out faster without lowering the water temperature much. And all the slits are punched from inside toward outside so water flow is also much smoother. As a result, tasty coffee with good flavor and without miscellaneous taste is prepared. And more, the mesh hole is even so will not be deformed.

Longitudinal Slot of Cores

Thanks to the longitudinal slot, even if a coffee particle is in the slot, the hole is not clogged. As a result, water flows smoothly.

Round mesh filter

If coffee particles become trapped in the round mesh then the hole can become clogged. As a result, water does not flow smoothly.

  • Product Detail

    Product : Gold Cone Filter C275 (1-6 cups)
    Dimension : W14.5×D13.0×H11.0
    Weight: 100g
    Material : Gold plated stainless steel, Polypropylene
    Max load of coffee bean : 64g
    Accessory : Multi-purpose tray
    Made in : China