CORES in M’sia & SG now!

Cores Gold Filter was a break through of pour-over method to us.¬†We’ve been longing to bring Cores in Malaysia & Singapore and finally dream came true!¬†We are the official Cores distributor in Malaysia & Singapore.

So far, Cores Gold Filter is one of the well-thought & designed pour-over filter we ever met.
We love the coffee with full flavor, sweet finish, clear & clean mouthfeel, and Cores gives us this esult.

“Cores” means “colour” in Portugues.
The brand concept is “to bring the best taste and flavor from specialty coffee.” and filters were developed together with the advice of Maruyama Coffee, a leading Japanese company in specialty coffee known worldwide for their expertise.

Key feature of Cores is
  1. Double plated gold filter
  2. Designed to brew specialty coffee
  3. Coffee oil & flavor will not be absorbed by filter, therefore we can enjoy full flavor of coffee beans.

In Japan, you can find Cores in top Specialty Coffee company like;-

  • Maruyama Coffee (2014 Word Barista Champion)
  • Sarutahiko Coffee
  • St. Berry Coffee (2015 Japan Cup Tasters Champion)

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