Event Support

Impress your guest with our high quality coffee. We can freshly brew espresso & filter coffee at your site. Please contact info.xcoffeekl@gmail.com.
We can provide pricing, delivery and support plans tailored to your size and setup.


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If you would like to learn more about our event support service, or organize a tailored coffee support plan, please get in touch.

✉ info.xcoffeekl@gmail.com


Interested in exploring the world of coffee? We offer various types of coffee workshop every month.


  • Coffee appreciation – experience the flavor difference by producing countries, coffee process, various brewing tools
  • Basic knowledge of coffee
  • Coffee brewing hands-on – learn from barista to improve your coffee brewing skill
  • International speakers – we invite guests from Japan  where the filter coffee culture is much advanced to share with us the latest trend in coffee and brewing skills


Please find out our latest offering from the event tab


We can bring our workshop to your event/training too!

Ex: Bunkasai event, Mods Bar event
Please contact us to discuss further.