Fuji Royal R-220

Consistent grind size, less micro powder, fast grinding & quiet, Fuji Royal R-220 is a high performance grinder for hand-drip (pour over).  It supports from siphon brewing, hand-drips (paper & metal), french press to percolator. Being most wanted coffee grinder for coarse grinding in Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong,  you can find R-220 in many cafes / hand-drip coffee shop  or even at home.

Generally coffee gets bitter because of uneven grind size & micro powder which creates uneven extraction & be over extracted. Therefore, it is crucial for any coffee brewing method to grind coffee beans evenly to achieve clear flavor. We changed our grinder to Fuji Royal R-220, and it really improved coffee taste!

Recommended to :  professionals & frequent coffee drinker.

*This grinder is 100V, requires STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER.


 Product Fuji Royal R-220 (Burr Type)
 Made in Japan
 Size W165 x D245 x H360 mm
 Weight 5 kg
 Grinding Capacity 250 g / min
 Hopper Capacity 200 g
 Power 130 W
 Voltage AC100V  *Requires STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER to use in Malaysia
 Color Black / Red / Yellow



R-220 Black   R-220 Red   R-220 Yellow