HSKWKF (Hoshikawa Cafe) was opened in 2009 along Hoshikawa River in Saitama, Japan by Yosuke Suzuki.
Inspired by the Nordic style of coffee roasting through famous roasters in Norway such as Tim Wendelboe, HSKWKF roasts coffee in light yet comes with layers of flavor, aroma and fruity sweetness. HSKWKF usually source coffee beans through Nordic Approach and Collaborative Coffee Source and roasts the beans with 1959 vintage Probat.

Yosuke is very kind and hardworking. He puts a lot of efforts on introducing great coffee to many peoples through joining events locally and internationally. Also, he is invited to be a guest instructor for professional coffee seminars to improve barista skills for coffee industry in Japan.

Exhibit Asia invited Yosuke to conduct coffee brewing workshop in Malaysia in 2017. Yosuke prepared various kinds of recipe dedicated to different brewing tools, styles, or even to dine-in or takeaways, and that was an eye-opening experience for us. Many customers still come back to look for his coffee, and we finally managed to introduce his coffee in our grand menu in 2018. We hope HSKWKF coffee to be appreciated by many peoples in the world.