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Meet with great independent micro/nano coffee roasters across Malaysia & Singapore, experience filter coffee, understand what each coffee roasters are doing. When you know more about coffee, you will appreciate more.

Indie Coffee Fest offers opportunities to all level of coffee lovers to access to coffee information, and encourage the engagement with coffee roasters.


states in MY & SG


micro & nano coffee roasters


admission-free coffee workshop


Coffee Tasting Program

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● offer throughout the event

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Have you ever wonder what is the difference in flavor among coffee offered by each roasters or each coffee origin?
Then,  join this program,  taste and compare the coffee of your selections at Indie Coffee Fest!

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Roasted coffee beans

Roasted Coffee Beans

Check out various coffee beans roasted by artisan 18 coffee roasters who really care about your coffee quality. From single origins to their signature blend, each roaster has its own philosophy to roast their beans. All beans will taste different. I’m sure you will find your own favorite coffee during this event.

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FIlter Coffee

Filter Coffee

Coffee can be brewed in various way, not just espresso. Filter coffee is a way of coffee brewing mainly enjoyed in Japan,  We love filter coffee and would like to share the beauty of it.

Not sure what is filter coffee? Don’t worry, here is the event for you to experience. During the event, you can purchase a cup of filter coffee from participated roasters, or you can consider joining coffee tasting program.

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Coffee Talks & Workshop


Join admission-free coffee talks or workshops conducted by participated coffee roasters. The roasters will share with you some insights of coffee world, coffee knowledge, brewing guide, coffee farm trips and so on. Click the banner to see the sharing session details and time table.

Coffee Tools

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Need tools to start your coffee journey?
Talk to tools supplier and we will advise you what you need.



Coffee brewer & accessories with functionality


Gold Filter


Jimmy Smart Scale


Drinkware from Japan to enhance your coffee life

Days to Indie Coffee Fest


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July 6 (Sat) – 7 (Sun)

Leven 5 Commune

Sunway Velocity Mall,

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

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✉ icforganizer@gmail.com


Organized by Exhibit Asia Trading

Venue Partner: Sunway Velocity Mall