Workshop Schedule

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It’s free to join, at any time and any day.
Each roasters will share with you their roasting coffee philosophy  or coffee journey they are taking.
When you understand more on what each roasters are doing, you will definitely find coffee world is very interesting.
You may also find some interesting coffee tips during this workshop.


JULY 6 (Sat)

12:00Sprezzatura CoffeeWhy choose Sprezzatura?
13:00Q CupSharing on Malaysia 1st Roasting Competition
14:00My Liberica西马LIBERICA精品化概况 / Rehabilitating Liberica: The path to specialty coffee in West Malaysia
(Conduct in Mandarin)
15:00Mods Cafe风味与口感和未来的精致咖啡概念
16:00Wells Cafe井井咖啡的北欧烘焙
17:00Soon Specialty Coffee直火烘培

JULY 7 (Sun)

11:00Cloud CatcherDiversifying Specialty Coffee
12:00Barista Guild AsiaCoffee Prosumerism: The Journey to Becoming a Great Coffee Lover
13:00103 Coffee WorkshopHario V60 pour over sharing with Barista Tai from 103 Coffee Workshop, Malaysia Brewers Cup 2015 2nd runner up
14:00BEAM SpecialtyBEAM's signature slow drip filter coffee for medium & dark roast
15:00ARKIB KOPISpektrum Alat Turas
16:00GhostbirdThe joy of making coffee
17:00KoffeeArt Roastery新山烘豆师的抉择 · 二

Coffee Tasting Program

at Indie Coffee Fest 2019

Join our Coffee Tasting Program and experience their coffee during Indie Coffee Fest 2019. You’ll get to try 5 coffees of your selection from participating coffee roasters of the event, and a special made-in-Japan mini mug to bring back home.