Slow Coffee Style


For admirers of refined craft and slow coffee

A special selection inspired by the passion of craftsmen­
— seeking the best materials thoughtfully crafting,
and carefully finessing to create items of distinguished
character for deeper, richer coffee time.


Collaborations with craftsmen

SLOW COFFEE STYLE Specialty features the handwork of Japanese craftsmen. SCS-S01 was created in collaboration with Yusuke Kido, a potter and the founder of “ONE KILN” in Kagoshima prefecture. Mr. Kido’s original style, using clay from the Kagoshima area and ashes from the local Sakurajima Volcano for the glaze, resonated with the concept of SCS and was reinterpreted to create items with a bold and warm character.


Pleasant to touch and use

The layers of glaze calls to mind natural sceneries, the texture of brass matches a vintage-inspired space, and the traces of handwork are slightly rugged yet has a sense of charm. This collection lets you immerse in a relaxing passage of time. Enjoy a deeper, richer, coffee time.



Unique coffee ware with iron glaze

S01 series was created in collaboration with Yusuke Kido of ONE KILN. The plaster molds were hand carved and the final shape was achieved after many trials and evaluations. The iron glaze creates a mineral like texture, and the sturdy shape of the mug reminds you of a traditional beer jug.



Brew with function and style

S02 series blends naturally into a calm and relaxing space, as though it has always been there. The brass of the brewer stand is blasted to suit a vintage style. By using the knob to adjust the height of the stand, you can brew into any mug or server. Functionality is also considered in the design of all items; for example, the server is narrow around the top rim so that it does not miss any drip of coffee, the stainless steel filter has a titanium coating that prevents odors of drinks from remaining.