Enjoy the richness of going slow


SLOW COFFEE STYLE is a coffeeware series born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time. The elegantly formed carafe and the jug with playful messages can be used with the solid stainless steel filter. Other essential accessories are available to elevate your experience of hand-dripping coffee. This series broadens and gives depth to your daily ritual of brewing an aromatic cup of coffee.

Cozy, organic form blends into space

The concept of SLOW COFFEE STYLE is coffeeware which integrates into a slow, relaxing space. The items add a warm touch to a space with beautifully aged vintage furniture and plants. Fondness for the items originates from delicate details, in the carafe resembling an antique vase and in the jug with heartwarming messages.

Showcase of craftsmanship

SLOW COFFEE STYLE carafes and jugs are handcrafted in small quantities. A tube of heat-resistant glass is fired, then air is blown in to the tube to shape the glass into the mold. The handles are also crafted by hand, one by one. The work of human hands brings a sense of warmth to the simple form.

Items to decorate your living space

Coffeeware not only suited for professional use but also great as interior items-this quality defines SLOW COFFEE STYLE. The items are designed to blend into your living space and make your hand-dripping experience smart and pleasurable. Each day, take a moment to brew and savor a fresh cup of coffee.

User determines the style

All items are available in 2 sizes. Use ‘4 cups’ to serve guests or family, and ‘2 cups’ to enjoy generously for yourself or to share with a friend. The brewer can be used on its own by placing it directly on top of your mug. Choose the type of filter according to your taste: the paper filter brings out a clear and mild taste, and the stainless steel filter extracts coffee oil to brew rich aromatic coffee.