KoffeeArt Roastery


KoffeeArt Roastery - Roastery & Cafe from Ulu Tiram, Johor

KoffeeArt Roastery is a cafe and roastery, coffee educator and retailer based in Johor capital. After operating as a roastery and working solely through wholesale accounts with restaurants, cafes, and offices around the city since 2013, opened its first retail space in Taman Gaya early 2018.

We only sell a small range of coffees and our offerings are constantly changing. This is because we only buy small lots of coffee from the different producers we work with and we try to make sure the coffees are as fresh and tasty as possible. Rather than blending coffees together into a homogenous product we try to showcase the vast difference of flavors that the world of coffee has to offer. Our goal is to create a product that is as transparent as possible so that you can experience the taste of the terroir and the cultivar of each and every coffee lot that we sell.

KoffeeArt Roastery is also a resource center for the public as well as for coffee professionals and restaurants. We believe that by educating our guests and our wholesale customers, we can achieve a broader public understanding of how much work that lies behind a single cup of great tasting coffee. Our resource center was created with a mission to educate the consumer on how to taste, brew, serve and appreciate a great cup of coffee.

Our Director Mr. Trevor Ding is the certified coffee roaster & barista, placed 5th in Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship, 2nd Runner-Up in International Roast Master Championship.


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