Making Iced Coffee with SCS Carafe

Making Iced Coffee is actually very simple. It is same as what you need to do with hot coffee brewing, just requires extra step to add on ice cubes only. So, don’t put your coffee maker away because it’s just the weather is hot! Let’s learn how to prepare iced coffee together here;


Things to prepare

1  x  KINTO Slow Coffee Style Carafe 300ml
21 – 25 g x Coffee beans, Medium ground
*you can adjust the amount of coffee beans according to your liking
Freshly boild water
Ice Cubes



1 Place the plastic brewer with the paper filter in the carafe.
Pour approx. 25 g of ground coffee into the filter.


2 Pour a small amount of hot water into the center of the coffee mound and let it bloom for 30 sec. Then slowly pour more hot water—drawing a spiral from the center. Stop pouring when the dripped coffee reaches half volume of the white dot (the reference point for 300 ml).


3 Remove the plastic brewer and add ice cubes until the content reaches the white dot (the reference point for 300 ml). Cool the brewed coffee by stirring rapidly together with ice cubes, then It will become flavorful and clear.

Iced Coffee 04

4 Pour the iced coffee into glasses and enjoy the taste of ‘slow coffee’ !

Iced Coffee 05