Micro Coffee Dripper

Great outdoor gear

If you are looking for a light and compact coffee brewer for traveling or outdoor usage, we would definitely recommend this micro coffee dripper to be in your list.

Micro Coffee Dripper consists of 2 parts Рone is a stainless steel mesh filter and another is a silicon holder. When you see the video till the end, you will find the silicon holder can be folded into a half and stored into a cup or tumbler.

Benefits of stainless steel filter

Stainless steel mesh filter does not require additional paper filters to brew coffee, and it is reusable. When you are traveling having fun, I believe you wouldn’t want to worry about if you have enough paper filters for later coffee brewing. With the stainless filter, you can brew any coffee at anytime you want.


Micro Coffee Dripper is only a hand size with a smaller diameter and wide V shape at the bottom. It provides thicker coffee layer so that the water travels longer in the coffee layer to extract flavor properly. We suggest using coarse grind size for the brewing.



For cleaning, what you need to do is just to throw the coffee grounds in a dustbin,  rinse the filter with water (or with dish detergent), and wipe it dry. Then it can be used for next brew again. It is simple and easy.



Complete your coffee traveling gear with a doublewall mug!

It will be so convenient to use Micro Coffee Dripper with a doublewall mug by Rivers. The mug can be act as a server as well as travel tumbler. Micro Coffee Dripper will be fitted in nicely in these mugs and you can save some space in your bag.