New Black Coffee Lab x A.n.T Manual Brew


New Black Coffee Lab - Roastery & Cafe in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
collaborating with A.n.T Manual Brew

New Black Coffee Lab is uniquely known as a cafe and roastery located at Setapak, inspired
from an artistic background. We ‘dance’ around with coffee roasting, mainly featuring on variety
of Ethiopian coffees with 2 different roast profiles (American Roast & Nordic Roast).

A.n.T Manual Brew was founded by software developers turned manual brewer & roaster. All of
us from A.n.T Manual Brew enjoy drinking coffee as much as you do, and we practice the
philosophy – “Coffee is an Art & Life Soul”.

During this Indie Coffee Fest, New Black Coffee Lab in collaboration with A.n.T Manual Brew
will continue to discover the two different roasting profiles of Specialty Coffee from around the
world, sharing the distinct flavours with the art of our signature manual brew method using the
Kalita dripper.


Article contributed by: New Black Coffee Lab