NISY Coffee Roasters


NISY - Roastery in Klang, Selangor

Our Philosophy

We believe that sometimes all we need in life is a little splash of colour, diving into places in our mind that we rarely visit, embracing an evergreen lifestyle.

Our moment of youth never grows old, and you should never let go that youthful soul of yours too. That is what NISY stands for, “Night Is Still Young!”

What We Do

NISY started as a coffee roasting company, supplying freshly roasted coffee beans across Malaysia, which we still do best. We are experts that provide exceptional beverage solution to cafes, restaurants, kiosks and other business establishments. The motivation behind our coffee is simple: uncompromising quality.

Over the years, we gradually diversified into a one-stop supplier of in-house roasted coffee beans, tea bags, flavoring syrups, drinking chocolate and various other beverage ingredients. We believe that starting from the source to the final cup allows us to bring you the finest coffee experience. We also provide customized coffee roasting, technical training and workshops as part of our services.

Article contributed by: NISY