Q Cup - Roastery, Cafe & Teaching Lab at Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

Q Cup Teaching Lab (Q Cup) was established in June 2013 by Founder, Yu Tuck Yuen (CQI Q grader) as the first Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) certified laboratory in Malaysia that provides professional coffee courses. Our objective is to provide a conducive teaching environment that is aligned with SCAA standards and protocols for the SCAA courses and programs that we run in our quest to promote specialty coffee. We are also the first online bidder of specialized coffee in Malaysia to date, bringing specialized blends and rare single origins to coffee connoisseurs locally. Since our inception, we have also collaborated with a growing list of internationally certified instructors to further elevate the local coffee culture:


  • Emma Markland Webster (NZ) – WCE Instructional Design Committee Chair & Active Committee
  • Mane Alves (US) – Certified Q Instructor/International Coffee Tasting Judge/CQI Member/SCAA Technical Standards Committee
  • Bronwen Serna (US) – USBC Champion 2004/2005
  • Damon Chia-Chun Chen (TW) – CQI Q Grader & Instructor
  • Scott Chen (TW) – Licensed Q Grader & SCAA Golden Cup Instructor/SCAA Super Instructor
  • Yuing Tsai (TW) – CQI Q Grader/SCAA Certified Cupping Judge/ International Institute of Coffee (IIAC) Tasters/2006-2008 World Roasting Championship Technical Judge
  • Shieh Chen Hsiao, Cha Cha  (TW) – Judges in COE, TISCA, SCAA Cupping / CQI Q Grader
  • Trevor Chen (TW) – 2017 Toper Cup Roast Master Champion/CQI Q Grader
  • R Hua (TW) – 2017  WCE World Roasting Taiwan Champion
  • Celia Wong (HK) – SCAE Certified Barista, SCAE Certified Gold Cup Brewmaster, CQI Licensed Q grader, Hong Kong Brewers Cup Certified judge, City and Guilds Barista Skills Trainer & Examiner


Q Cup Roastery Café is then officially launched in July 2016. Malaysians can now head down to the branch in Imbi to indulge in these exquisite roasts. The world’s most expensive coffee in 2013 – El Injerto Estate Mocca #EI01 (costing at US$210/pound with only 16kg available) can also be enjoyed at Q Cup Café.


Q Cup, as the first online bidder in Malaysia able to bid and, consequently, win in the 2013 and 2014 coffee auctions, as well as in the 2014 direct trade. These prestigious wins allow Q Cup to roast and serve a list of highly sought after coffee beans from Don Pepe Estate, Carmen Estate, Hacienda La Esmaeralda Geisha, Finca Santa Teresa and Casa Ruiz Bourbon.

Below are the references for the results of the coffee auction wins:

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Article contributed by: Q Cup Roastery