Reframe Coffee Roaster


Reframe - Roastery & Cafe in Bayan Lepas, Penang

A micro-roastery established in 2016 at Bayan Lepas, Penang. As the namesake showcases, Reframe is all about re-framing the mindset of most about coffee – that it is more than just a dark bitter drink. We seek to exhibit it’s complex character of sweetness, acidity and of course it’s wide range of flavors. We like to tell our customers that there really isn’t such a thing as the best coffee but rather to encourage them to open upĀ and enjoy the varieties that coffees from different countries or roasters can offer to their palate.

We source coffees from all over the world, picking unique exciting flavors and following what the season takes us. Our roasting philosophy is always about highlighting origin flavors and allowing the coffee to speak for itself. Always roasted in small batches to order, we cater widely from wholesale to cafes/offices as well as retail for the thriving home brewing community.

At the small humble cafe space we run, we serve a consistently changing selection of beans roasted in house as well as occasional roasters from all over the world. Brew methods range from espresso to filters and we’re always welcoming of folks to join us at the bar and geek out on anything about coffee. All these are paired with desserts and waffles that are all done in house as well.


Article contributed by: Reframe Coffee Roaster