Roaster Story 16 : House of Kendal

Brand Story

Developing coffee that belongs to Malaysia


The logo of  the House of Kendal is a vector of a  still standing old house completed in 1890. Back then it was coffee, coconut and betel nut that created wealth enabling this grand house to be built.

Batu Pahat was big in LIBERICA, a variety that differentiate Batu Pahat traditional coffee from the others. The coffee industry in Johor however collapsed when agriculture was de-emphasised  in the 90’s coupled with the competition from oil palm.

At House Of Kendal we revive old abandoned kebun kopi and nurse these micro farms to produce internationally accepted coffee. We aspire to revive this coffee legacy, to develop something that Malaysia can call its own and take pride of. Central to this initiative is the philosophy to develop a viable and sustainable ecosystem, giving fair returns to growers, pickers, millers and everyone in the supply chain.


Coffee Tasting Program

at Indie Coffee Fest 2019

Interested in House of Kendal? Join our Coffee Tasting Program and experience their coffee during Indie Coffee Fest 2019. You’ll get to try 5 coffees of your selection from participating coffee roasters of the event, and a special made-in-Japan mini mug to bring back home.