Roaster Story 7 : Cloud Catcher

Brand Story

From seed to cup

Conceived with a passion for specialty coffee, we are roasters, green bean distributors, trainers and consultants.

As Asia’s one-stop centre for specialty coffee, we aim to assist the ever-expanding coffee industry and spread coffee culture through relationships and education.

We hunt and handpick all our coffee beans and we personally get to know all the farmers at origin, involving ourselves in as many growing, blending and roasting processes possible. Through Project Origin (2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic’s green bean trading organization), By understanding how the best quality coffees are grown at their origins, we are able provide you the knowledge and skills with humble yet inspiring stories woven into them.

Sustainable relationships with the farmers is the foundation of our philosophy. We take pride and care in ensuring that every green bean is bought directly from quality committed farmers at a more than fair rate. Through our commitment with Chapola Project, we improve the quality of life, as well as refine and build the production infrastructure of farmers.

From Seed to Cup, We aim to help you understand the beautiful art and science of coffee.

Coffee Tasting Program

at Indie Coffee Fest 2019

Interested in Cloud Catcher? Join our Coffee Tasting Program and experience their coffee during Indie Coffee Fest 2019. You’ll get to try 5 coffees of your selection from participating coffee roasters of the event, and a special made-in-Japan mini mug to bring back home.