Roaster Story 9 : Soon Specialty Coffee

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Source, roast and deliver great coffee to your doorsteps

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顺精品咖啡是一家以定制化服务为主的微型,我们也是马来西亚第一间以直火烘培的咖啡烘培工作室。 随着咖啡馆不断增长,越来越多人追求风味独特的咖啡豆, 我们将不定时引进来自世界各地的精品豆,并限量推出挂耳咖啡包。 此外,顺精品咖啡卖的不只是咖啡,而是传递极简及慢生活的概念。 我们抛弃一般机械快速的商业模式,舍弃华丽的包装,为的是回归到最原始的手工制作和最简单朴素的包装, 把所有的心思放在如何把产品质量做好,赋予产品一个更好的价值。  让你随时随地,享受品质生活。


Soon Specialty Coffee is the First Direct Fire/Direct Flame Coffee Roaster in Malaysia. Our MO is fairly simple: source, roast and deliver great coffee to your doorsteps.

Using Direct fire/flame roasting method, it allows our roaster to achieve accurate high roasting levels without any burnt flavours whilst protecting the delicate flavours of the bean which can be lost in conventional oven baked roasters. We emphasise on hand selecting our beans and roast them in small batches to achieve a consistent roast for every batch, and not only that, we roast them by order to make sure our customers get the freshest roasted beans.

Our ever-rotating collection of coffees contains blends, single origins and a few season-specific Soon Specialty Coffee exclusive limited roasts in the form of coffee beans, coffee grounds and coffee drip bags for those who are constantly on the move.

Coffee Tasting Program

at Indie Coffee Fest 2019

Interested in Soon Specialty Coffee? Join our Coffee Tasting Program and experience their coffee during Indie Coffee Fest 2019. You’ll get to try 5 coffees of your selection from participating coffee roasters of the event, and a special made-in-Japan mini mug to bring back home.