SteepShot® is designed in Norway by Ari Halonen and developed in partnership with Tim Wendelboe, World Barista Champion 2004 & World Cup Tasting Champion 2005.

Why is SteepShot® so superior to other coffee makers?

This is the reason why SteepShot® Coffee Maker is so unique and capable of producing tasteful coffee: Pressure accumulates after the lid is screwed on. This pressure is helping water penetrate the ground coffee. This drastically reduces brew time. The pressure equalization that happens when you release the coffee into the cup, causes the water to be pulled out fast from the coffee grains. Together with the short brew time, these factors help you avoid releasing the unwanted bitter tones from the coffee grounds.

SteepShot’s patented brewing method easily help you eliminate the possibility of coffee grounds reacting with water for too long (over-extraction). Over-extraction is the common reason to why coffee taste bitter.