Aug 25 (Sat) Workshop Time Table

Just drop by at Commune Workshop Area and listen to the roaster’s story.
Free admission, no registration required.

 Time  Speaker  Topic
 12:00 ~  Q Cup Roastery  Coffee Tasting
 13:00 ~  New Black Coffee Lab x
A.n.T Manual Brew
 Can you differentiate American Roasts and Nordic Roast?
 14:00 ~  Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters  Cupping 10 Single Origins
 15: 00 ~  Wells Cafe  Difference between 2 brewing method : V60 Pour Over & Kono method
 16:00 ~  Mods Cafe  備長炭珈琲烘焙
 17:00 ~  Egalitarian Coffee  How to spend more time enjoying coffee & less brewing it