Workshop Schedule – Day 2

Aug 26 (Sun) Workshop Time Table

Just drop by at Commune Workshop Area and listen to the roaster’s story.
Free admission, no registration required.

 Time  Speaker  Topic
 12:00  103 Coffee Workshop   Siphon brewing
 13:00 ~  Reframe Coffee Roasters  Introduction to the different type of acidity in coffee
 14:00 ~  Crack Inc, Coffee  Cupping with Crack Inc, Coffee : Region x Roast Level
 15: 00 ~  Arkib Kopi  Di Sebalik Tabir – Trip to Toarco coffee plantation in Toraja
 16:00 ~  KoffeeArt Roastery  新山烘豆師的選擇
 17:00 ~  Ghostbird Coffee  Finding comfort in coffee – how coffee change people’s life